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Trans Resources

We want to extend our gratitude to Amelia Pereira (University of Bristol) for participating in our panel on ‘LGBTQ+ Mental Health in University Music Departments’ at the conference of the Royal Musical Association in September 2018. Amelia has kindly provided a link to their blog as a resource for our trans members and trans allies: https://girlbrainboybody.wordpress.com/

Amelia Pereira (they/them/she/her) is a technician in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol but is also a member of the Staff LGBT+ Network and sits on the University of Bristol LGBT+ Committee as Trans Rep. Amelia’s work on the committee is to provide support and advice to transgender, non-binary and gender fluid staff members at the University as well as work with the committee on many Uni-wide topics under the LGBT+ umbrella. Amelia is also a musician and has toured the USA and EU as a drummer, guitarist, vocalist, merchandiser and tour manager around the world’s DIY punk and rock scene. They also write an online blog about their journey as a trans person in society today, offering advice and support as well as anecdotes and experiences surrounding their life, coming out story and everything in between.